Q.1 What is the age limit to enter the race?
An. Anyone who is in the age between 15 to 24 yrs is eligible to apply

Q.2 Why should I go through training camp?
An. As part of Toyota's vision for motor sports in India, all applicants are going to be put through a training course that helps them become better race drivers and teaches them the best practices in racing. The camps are designed to teach the applicants the fundamentals of motor sports, from technique to understanding race cars and engine data.
Q.3 If I am already a race driver or with some racing experience, should I come for selection or training camp?
An. Yes. Entry into Etios Motor Racing is purely through the camps. All applicants will be given some training and put through a series of tests (on and off the track) and the best will qualify.
Q.4 Who will pay for travel and stay for attending EMR camps?
An. All travel and accommodation expenses to be borne by the applicant
Q.5 Should I have driving license to participate in the race?
An. No
Q.6 Is there any fee to join the race?
An. Qualifying applicants will be charged an entry fee to race. Details will be shared shortly.
Q.7 Who will provide cars for the race?
An. As part of the One Make Race all cars will be provided for and maintained by Toyota and its partners for the EMR project.
Q.8 When will the races be held? And Where?
An. The Etios Motor Racing Trophy will be held in the second half of 2013. There will be 2 Exhibition races in 2012. Dates for the same will be announced shortly. It will be held in professional race tracks like the Buddh International Circuit (BIC) in Noida, Madras Motor Race Track (MMRT) in Chennai and Kari Motor Speedway in Coimbatore
Q.9 What will be the format of the races?
An. It will be a one-make racing series. There will be five to six races in 2013. The 25 drivers we select will be at the starting grid throughout the series. The other details of the format are in the process of being finalized, hence we will share details of the same as soon as it is finalized.
Q.10 What is the one-make race?
An. Competition of drivers' skills, rather than vehicle performance.
A one-make racing series is one where all competitors race in identical vehicles from the same manufacturer, using the same model. Typically, this means the same chassis, tyres and engine are used by all drivers. The idea behind a one-make racing series is that success will be based more on driver skill and handling of the car instead of engineering skill and budget

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